Share Videos. Make Money. It's That Simple.

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Share Videos. Make Money. It's That Simple.

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Let me ask you something...

Are looking for new and engaging ways to attract new leads and sales?

Do you spend time creating or sharing videos online via social media or email list but stuggle to get eyeballs and increased open rates?

We want to help you turn your social media posts into recurring income.

And, if you don't use social media, we still want to help you create recurring income - from sales when you promote our lead capture pages with free and paid advertising.

Either way, we want to help you create recurring income.

Oh yeah, and do you need a great excuse to search, watch, and share videos?

You have just found it.

When you share videos using Social Pays Me, you are encouraging social shares (attracting more traffic), and inviting your traffic into your sales funnel.

So share your funny, uplifting, and inspiring videos, and hopefully you can also make a few bucks while you're at it.

Your time is precious, so let's get to it...

What is it?

Social Pays Me is a Lead Generation / List Builder, Video Sharing Network, Ad Network, & Affiliate Program, all rolled into one.

What do you sell? What's in it? What does it do?

Social Pays Me provides you will tools to Generate Traffic, Capture, Cultivate and Close your leads to help you grow ANY ONLINE business. It's a Funded Proposal "Attraction Marketing System." Our advanced business building tools include:

Link Trackers
Social Sharing Tools
Lead Capture Pages
Auto Reponder Follow Ups
Lead Manager / List Builder / CRM
Text Ads
Banner Ads
Solo Ads
Login Ads
Logout Ads
Traffic Exchange and much more...

Our social sharing tools are designed to help faciliate organic social sharing of your videos. It is our goal to create a thriving community of social sharing affiliate marketers.

NOTE: We do NOT sell social signals (shares, likes, etc..), we instead provide funnels which encourage and inspire these actions.

As an affiliate, you're in profit with just 2 sales, -- Now Making Money in the process (and you're essentially getting everything for FREE at that point). It's a NO-BRAINER.

How does it work?

We have unique social sharing tools such as "Share This Again", to help boost your content to a wider audience. You may share your Youtube and Vimeo videos. Our social sharing services also serve as lead generators. It's completely free to join and use, although paid members get additional perks.

Why should I use it? How does it benefit me?

Do you get paid to share videos? No? Let's fix that. Do you need link trackers for all your advertising needs, and one place to manage all your leads? You just found that too.

Get paid to build your list. Starting today.

You stand to gain greatly increased exposure (for your videos and ads - from organic sharing) and it's also a perfect lead funnel to drive traffic into your Primary Business.

And, as a Starter or Pro affiliate member, every time someone in your payline upgrades, you earn a $20 or $80 commission.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone ready to create a fun additional revenue stream by sharing videos.

This is for people who understand work is still involved in any endeavor to make money.

This is for people willing to take action for a better tomorrow.

This is for people willing to commit to take REGULAR action to change their lives.
Let's Recap

You can use our network to:

1) Promote your (or any youtube / vimeo) videos.

2) Encourage social sharing of your videos (viral lead generation).

3) Generate leads for your primary business.

4) Earn $20 - $80 commissions on affiliate sales.

5) Build your list and email them once a day, as often as you like, and upsell them anything you like. Export your list anytime.

Make money sharing videos, when your referrals upgrade to paid memberships.

To build your own similar system from scratch could easily cost you 5-6 figures.

Here's Whatya Get

Features 'n Perks Free Starter Pro
Use of viral social sharing services (Ad Supported)
Your content may be shared and promoted by all users
Lead capture / autoresponder system
Video & Short URL Tracking Campaigns w/ Advanced Tracking Stats Up To 10 Campaigns Up To 25 Campaigns Unlimited Campaigns
Affiliates may earn $20 commissions (after 5 sales) (immediately) (immediately)
Affiliates may earn $80 commissions (after 5 sales) (after 5 sales) (immediately)
Affiliate website helps close your sales for you & you make money (after 5 sales) (immediately) (immediately)
Affiliates KEEP ALL DIRECT SALES ($20 / Sale) ($80 / Sale)
Video, text and banner ad credits to advertise within the network (2k Ad Credits/mo) (75k Ad Credits/yr)
Social profile including link to your website or primary business (Your Pic, Pro Badge)
Your photo displayed on your text ads / social profile (Pro Badge)
Your content & ads promoted network wide (Heavy Rotation)
Traffic exchange (1 : 2 Ratio) (2 : 1 Ratio)
Your social networks shown to your team
Premium ad placement with heavy ad rotation
All your text ads featured on our homepage
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Membership Types

Who Doesn't Love FREE?

Free members may use our exclusive "Share This Again" Social Sharing Tools. No strings attached! Your site will be supported via advertising, strategically placed, so as not to detract attention from your content. YOUR content will always be KING on your own Member Website! Free members may also elect to become Affiliates (at no extra charge), and earn $20 per Starter Sale, and $80 per Pro Sale, after simply referring 5 sales of the same type, to qualify as a Free Affiliate. Free Affiliate Members may also later upgrade to the Starter or Pro Level, by paying for either level, to get additional perks and avoid continued lost sales of their first 5 direct sales. We love our Free Members, and hope you will love us back! Short on funds, or just to explore us first? That's totally cool. We won't judge. Dip your toe in our waters here.

Join Free

Starter Membership

Starter members pay $25/mo to get 2,000 Ad Credits (each month) for Increased Exposure via our Advertising with Text & Banner Ads, shown throughout our Network. Plus "Ad Free" use of our "Share This Again" Social Sharing Tools. Starter Members may also elect to become Affiliates (at no extra charge), and earn $20 per Starter Sale. You are in profit with just 2 Starter sales! Anyone can do this. Our site helps do the selling for you, when you send us targeted traffic, and we show you exactly how to do this. Starter Affiliates start earning much sooner than Free Affiliates, starting with your very first Starter sale. You will not earn any commissions on any Pro Sales you refer, but for every Pro Sale you refer, you get 1,000 Ad Credits added to your account. Refer just 5 Pro Sales, and you'll be upgraded to Pro for Free!

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Pro Membership

Pro members pay $297 $100 (Limited Time Launch Special!) to get Increased Exposure via our Advertising with Text & Banner Ads, (75,000 Ad Credits). Pro Lead Capture Pages / Autoresponder Software Automatically Set Up, which includes Exclusive Pro Only Domains / Pro Status & Picutre on Your Ads. Pro members may also elect to become Affiliates. Pro Affiliates earn $80 immediately per every Pro Sale. You are in profit with just 2 Pro Sales! That's easy enough, right? Anyone can do this. Our site helps do the selling for you, when you send us targeted traffic, and we show you exactly how to do this. Pro members can also earn $20 immediately for every Starter Membership Referral.

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  • Social Sharing Services
  • Up To 10 Campaigns
  • Lead Cap / Autoresponder


25 / mo

  • Social Sharing Services
  • Up To 25 Campaigns
  • Lead Cap / Autoresponder
  • Traffic Exchange 1 : 2 Ratio
  • $20 Commissions
  • 2,000 Ad Credits / mo


100 / yr

  • Social Sharing Services
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Lead Cap / Autoresponder
  • Traffic Exchange 2 : 1 Ratio
  • $20 - $80 Commissions
  • 75,000 Ad Credits / yr
  • Your Photo w/ Your Ads
  • Your Ads on Homepage

Our Mission Statement was founded on the simple idea that people love to share good content, but aren't being rewarded in return. So, what if you could share fun, educational, entertaining content, and get paid to do it? Our Advertisers get maximum exposure, from organic sharing, in addition to impressive targeted, affiliate driven traffic. Affiliates get serious earning potential. A symbiotic win-win for our Advertisers and Affiliates alike.

Affiliates Make Money

Is this a fun network, or what? Not only do we help share your content with our entire userbase, and everyone they share with, (and so on) we go even further - we pay you for referrals, made by sharing your own content. You could be making $20 - $80 sales each week. To recap: Promote your content. Get paid to do it. No content? Promote any video - even from other members - and you still get paid on referrals.

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Social Pays Me
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