Meet The Fam

Founder / CEO Jim Symonds

As an MLM Software Developer, I have been designing and supporting online MLM businesses since 2006. In that time, I've seen it all.

I have had the privilege and honor to help many of my clients go on to great heights, some earning millions for themselves and ESPECIALLY their affiliates.

I can't tell you how many times people would say to me, "Jim, you built the software. You know people are making millions with it. So why aren't you?"

My answer was always the same. "I'm picking my moment." You see, I had a some successful programs (and a few flops) early on. So, I decided for my next program, I needed to create something truly unique, with unquestionable value, that fills a void in the marketplace. The USP had to be a no-brainer. A formula for longevity, was key.

Now, long before I even knew how to program, I originally had my software developed for my own personal use, and I always knew I would create my own program again.

But it would have to wait until I got all my best ideas to come together as one. Ideas that have been incubating... (many of them) for years.

As the person who has supported a great many MLMs over the years, I got one hell of an education... a rare behind the scenes view of the industry - learning first hand, what works, and what doesn't in MLM Programs. I spent considerable time dissecting the power of comp plans, for their ability AND SPEED to make money for their affiliates.

It became very apparent to me early on, that the break-even point (often overlooked) is pretty dang important, to get affiliates into profit ASAP, and minimize attrition.

My ultimate MLM checklist boiled down to these items: it had to be attractive, simple and to the point, get affiliates into profit ASAP, and be duplicatable. Oh yeah, and have amazing value and pay out infinitely wide and deep with insane leverage for all involved. Did I mention super easy-to-use? Well, that too. I finally did it.

I took all that experience and developed my reverse 3-up comp plan, along with my unique social sharing concepts, to create Social Pays Me. I hope you enjoy it.


Heidi Symonds


Believer and co-creator of my dreams...
the love of my life.

Molly & Wagzy


Their smiling faces remind us to walk, and be in nature, every day.

Molly Berry


Wise as the stars
but she still eats horse poop.

Wagzy Doodle


& Director of Chill, all in one.
Hey, watchya eatin' dad?

"We are the music-makers,

and we are the dreamers of dreams.

We are the movers and shakers

of the world forever, it seems."

- Arthur O' Shaughnessy

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