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What is is a content sharing and advertising network, utilizing unique video and tweet social sharing tools, text ads, banner ads, solo ads, login ads, logout ads, and traffic exchange ads. All featuring rich campaign tracking stats. We also have an Affiliate Program, to compensate those who wish to make money by referring us business.

What do you sell?

We sell social sharing services (which are pages where you showcase your chosen videos and tweets you share), along with ad credits, which you may redeem for these video and tweet campaigns, text ads, banner ads, solo ads, traffic exchange ads, login ads, logout ads, and short url redirect tracking campaigns. These ad campaigns are displayed on, and text and banner ads are additionally syndicated across our network of websites, which include,, and To learn more...     View Our Ad Credit Values     See Video Tutorial

Our social sharing tools are designed to help faciliate organic social sharing of your videos and tweets. In addition, we provide real targeted business opportunity seekers to your campaigns. It is our goal to create a thriving community of social sharing affiliate marketers and advertisers.

NOTE: We do NOT sell social signals (shares, likes, retweets, etc..), we instead provide funnels which encourage and inspire these actions.

What types of accounts do you offer?

We have 3 Membership types, Free, Starter, and Pro. An overview with full details of related services is on our home page.

NOTE: All Paid Members are Retail Customers (Advertisers) First and Foremost. Once you are a Paid Advertiser Customer, you may elect to ALSO become an Affiliate, by agreeing to our AFFILIATE TERMS. There is no additional cost for Starter (Advertiser) Members or Pro (Monthly Payment Plan) Members to become Affiliates.

How much does it cost?

Free Members pay nothing. Starter Members (Advertisers and Affiliates) pay $34.95/mo.

Pro Yearly Members (Advertisers) pay $1,000/yr. Pro Members who elect to ALSO become Affiliates, pay an additional $500/yr. (once in Profit - after they have made 2 Pro Yearly Sales). So, the total cost to become a Pro Affiliate Member is $1,500/yr, but you will already have earned $2k before you are required to pay the $500.

Pro Monthly Payment Plan Members (Advertisers and Affiliates) pay a flat $97/mo. Nothing more.

Is there an annual fee?

Starter Members have no annual fee. Yearly Pro Affiliate Members who elect to remain in the Program after 1 year will pay for their Pro Affiliate Annual Maintenance Package $1,500 in Arrears ($1,000 to their qualified upline, and $500 to the company).

NOTE: Your Pro Affiliate Annual Maintenance Package is NOT autobilled! You will need to actively make these payments manually yourself, ONLY if you wish to continue using the Advertising Services, and as well all the benefits of the Pro Affiliate Membership. Because you need to actively make the Pro Affiliate Annual Maintenance Package MANUALLY YOURSELF, if you fail to do this, your account will simply be cancelled for you. You will not receive any bill (just simple reminders), and it will not affect your credit report. Your Pro (Advertiser or Affiliate) Account is simply automatically cancelled after 1 year, if you fail to renew it. No fuss, no muss. Your team is also preserved for some time, in the event you miss the reminder emails, and get cancelled by accident.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards (American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard), Solid Trust Pay (which supports Bitcoin), checks by mail, Western Union and Money Gram.

Can I get a refund?

No. All purchases are non-refundable. All sales are final. All advertising and all business involves risk. After doing your own due diligence, if you deem your risk unacceptable for the cost of the Membership level you are considering joining, then please consider a Free Membership instead. Please do not buy any Membership package, if doing so will place a hardship on you or your family and loved ones.

Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. you will be provided with fully replicated websites. Your site will be, with your unique username ID (your link will end with ?id=yourusername). You simply Promote your unique username link. You actually get 3 websites in one ("", "", and ""), and all of them will use your same unique ID in the link. This ID will pull your unique content from our database (videos, tweets, etc.), and if you also choose to become an affilate, your ID will also be used to track your referrals.

NOTE: Pro Members will get access to additional Pro Only Domains & Lead Cap Pages

Can I have more than one account?

No. You may only have one account, and you only need one. Account stacking is Prohibited.

I'm not very technical. Is this hard to do?

Not at all. We aim to make our tools and website super easy to understand and super easy-to-use, with step by step instructions, so anyone can easily follow along. And if you ever do need assistance, we are here to help you!

Do you provide support?

Yes. We Provide unlimited customer support (within reason).

How long will this take to set up?

Once you register, your site and social tools are set up instantly, ready for you to add your own content and promote. You will also be able to add your own ad campaigns and use our traffic exchange right away. Your campaigns will be approved within 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on time of day and volume of submissions. If you are a U.S. citizen, and plan to become an Affiliate, and you wish to collect your commissions directly into your own merchant account, approval is almost guaranteed, and your application will be processed within 72 hours.

What content is Prohibited?

Sites and individuals involved with the following activities are NOT ELIGIBLE: selling, providing or linking to unlicensed content, pornography, warez, pirated software, hacking or spamming software, bot software, email address lists or harvesting software, or any materials endorsing violence, hatred, revenge, racism, victimization, gambling or criminal activity.

We aim to keep our network positive and "high vibe". With that in mind, we reserve the right to refuse any ad or content for any reason. Anything negative, illegal, immoral or that which does not meet our brand criteria and add value will not be accepted. Please also review our TERMS AND DISCLAIMERS for more information.

I don't have any content of my own. Can I still benefit from

Yes, absolutely! If you do not have any content to Promote, you may elect to become an Affiliate, and select any content of any of our other Members, or any acceptable content from Youtube or Vimeo for example, and Promote that content with our "" social sharing tool. You may also simply promote your affiliate link directly.

Why would I want to Promote other people's content with my "" link?

There are lots of reasons why you might consider Promoting someone else's content. 1) You have none of your own. 2) You found something really cool you wanna share - that you believe others will wanna share as well. Sharing is the key here. Sharing good "share worthy" content will hopefully attract organic social shares as a result. For best results, you should share the kind of things people would normally share in their social circles, for free. A good laugh, an important newsworthy item, something that enlightens or inspires us. Remember this: social shares = free leads, and every lead is a potential future sale for your primary business as well as your Affiliate Network (if you choose to be an Affiliate).

I do not have a primary business right now. Can I still benefit from

Yes. When you choose to become an Affiliate, you can Promote any "share worthy" items you choose, using your "" link, which becomes a lead funnel, driving traffic into your Affiliate Network. You may also Promote the Affiliate Network, directly.

I do not have a large social circle right now. Can I still benefit from

Yes. When you choose to become an Affiliate, you can still Promote the Affiliate Network, directly, with paid and free advertising on the internet.

How do I make money?

If you have another opportunity / primary business you Promote, then you may earn from any sales you make (into that opportunity) from your text and banners (and other) ads on our network, (this includes any 3rd party website sales you make from impressions you have earned in our Traffic Exchange, as well).

You may also Promote your own videos / primary business on "" and your own tweets on "" (you Promote your own links, which lead to your content), and from there, you may drive this traffic anywhere you wish to make money. In addition, if you elect to become an Affiliate of, then our sites you Promote (with your chosen content) will also act as lead generators for your Affiliate Network. As a Starter or Pro Affiliate Member, every time someone in your payline upgrades, you earn a $25 (Starter) or $80 or $1,000 (Pro) commission.

NOTE: When you choose to become an Affiliate, you may ALSO Promote the Affiliate Network, DIRECTLY (without using our social sharing tools at all), with paid and free advertising on the internet. This may be the best promotion method for those without any social circles, or for those who cater to the Affiliate Marketing Crowd.

Loading... Rinse 'n Repeat.... Rinse 'n Repeat.... Rinse 'n Repeat.... You send targeted traffic, and our website helps close your sales for you. You engage and close your leads and make money. It's really that simple. And we're to help you, with state of the art lead capture pages, and leads manager including extensive automatic email follow ups, and webinars.

Do I have to Promote?

No. If all you wish to do is advertise with us, that is perfectly fine, too. However, our Proprietary social sharing tools, "" and "" were designed for our Members to Promote their own "share worthy" content, and in doing so, hopefully attract organic social shares as a result. For best results, you should utlize these tools (they are included in ALL membership types), since social shares = free leads, and every lead is a potential future sale for your primary business as well as your Affiliate Network (if you choose to be an Affiliate).

Do I have to be in any social networks?

No. Our sites may be promoted almost anywhere, including blogs, work from home forums, pay-per-click (PPC) sites, classified ad sites, safe lists, Internet Marketing Forums, and just about anywhere else you can advertise (online and offline - FAMILY FRIENDLY SITES ONLY - AND NO SPAM). If you do not tweet, then you will not be able to use our "", (unless you choose to share someone else's tweet) but you may still use our "" feature, since you may share ANY Youtube or Vimeo videos that meet our guidelines.

In addition, when you choose to become an Affiliate, you can still Promote the Affiliate Network, directly (without using our social sharing tools at all), with paid and free advertising on the internet. This may be the best promotion method for those without any social circles, or for those who cater to the Affiliate Marketing Crowd.

Do I really get paid to share stuff on social media?

Specifically, no. Affiliates make commissions on referred sales. But sharing good content with our social sharing tools is a great way to fill your lead funnel, and filling your lead funnel is the first step in making sales. You may also direct your leads into your primary business, and make money that way as well.

Do I get paid to advertise?

Specifically, no. We only pay Affiliates for referred sales, based on our revolutionary reverse 3-up comp plan. You may also make sales into your primary business from your text and banner ads, etc.. When you advertise your primary business, and your leads purchase a Social Pays Me Membership, then you just got paid to advertise, but that is not guaranteed.

How does the Affiliate comp plan work?

Click here to see our revolutionary reverse 3-up comp plan.

As a Pro Affiliate, will I pass up 3 Starter sales?

Yes. If you refer sales into the Starter level, you will pass up Starter sales 3,5,7. This maximizes your earning potential, which is a good thing. If you become a Pro Member and refer other Pro Members, and they in turn, refer Starter Members, you will get all Starter sales 3, 5, 7 made below you in your genealogy. Pro Affiliates will also pass up Pro sales 3, 5, 7.

As an Affiliate, if my pass ups quit, do I need to replace them?

Yes. You must maintain your personal pass ups (your direct sales 3, 5, 7) in both Starter and Pro. If any of these Members becomes inactive, your next sale of the same type will be a replacement pass up to fill that spot. This benefits all Members (yourself included), by keeping the leverage strong.

As an Affiliate, how are pass up sales 3, 5, 7 (from me and to me) enforced?

We do not allow our Affiliate Members to mark any commission payment paid, until they have made 7 sales in the same Program, themselves. This ensures they have passed 3 sales (their direct sales 3, 5, 7) to their qualified upline Affiliate sponsor. We realize this is an inconvenience to some, but it is necessary to Prohibit cheating via account stacking. It's a small price to pay for "Cheat Proofing" our Affiliate Program. This benefits all Members, by keeping the leverage strong.

As an Affiliate, how do I refer people to make sales?

You may refer new Members indirectly, when you share your own content (or any approved content), using our social sharing tool. (This is a soft sell, and may be the preferred method for friends and family, and anytime you do not wish to be pushing a hard sell). You may also refer new Members with our social sharing tool. This is highly targeted towards TwitterTM users. You may also refer new Members directly to your website. This may the best choice, when your audience is targeted to business opportunities / Affiliate marketing. This may also be the best promotion method for those without any social circles.

As an Affiliate, will you help me make sales?

We Provide an Affiliate resources section in our Members area, with useful tips and recommended advertising services. We will also be doing regular webinars / conference calls providing insight from some our of successful leaders. You should read and attend, and soak up knowledge, as ultimately you are responsible for your own advertising (and driving traffic to your Affiliate website, following up with and closing your own leads.

As an Affiliate, how and when do I get paid?

By default, payments will be taken by the company, and any commissions paid out (after the 7 day hold period, and you request a withdrawal). Commission Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments will be made via Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay or check (sent via mail, to the name and address listed in your Membership Profile). Starter and Pro Members may also be paid directly when using their own merchant account (see below). We will also explore other payment options as we grow.

NOTE: If you choose to be paid out in Bitcoin, you understand and accept the risks of Bitcoin's value falling. You will be paid out in the current value of USD at the moment we pay you. By the time you have enough Bitcoin confirmations to withdraw your Bitcoin, it is highly possible and likely that your Bitcoin value may have increased or decreased. If you are not comfortable with this risk, you should consider getting your own merchant account (see below), or another payout method.

As an Affiliate, does the company charge me to accept payments on my behalf?

Yes. A Processing fee of 20% will be applied to all $25 commissions, and a Processing fee of 20% will be applied to all $1,000 commissions. For better rates, we highly recommend you get your own merchant account (see below).

As an Affiliate, can I use my own merchant account?

Yes. Starter and Pro Members - you have the option to use your own merchant account to collect commissions directly into your own checking account (payments clear within 2-3 business days). Only merchant accounts set up through our application Process will qualify to be used in our system. Our merchant account fees are the lowest in the industry - currently .05% plus $.25 per transaction, plus $24.95/mo.(fees are subject to change).

As an Affiliate, can I use other payment methods?

Yes. In addition to using your own merchant account, you may also use Solid Trust Pay, and you may also add custom payment options within your Profile, to get paid directly.

NOTE: Custom payment options listed in your Profile allow you to take your commission payments directly, outside of our website. This means you must manually mark such commission payments as "paid" once you receive the funds. Since you must pass up sales 3,5,7 we disable your custom payment options from showing, and also disable your ability to mark commission payments "paid" until you have made 7 direct sales yourself. This benefits all Members (yourself included), by keeping the leverage strong. This ensures you cannot be cheated out of pass up sales 3, 5, 7 to you, from your direct referrals, as well as all sales 3, 5, 7 below them (known as your powerline sales).

Question unanswered?

Please read our TERMS AND DISCLAIMERS and AFFILIATE TERMS pages, (footer links below). Then if you still have questions, please contact us for support. Thank you.

"If you think you can, you're right.

If you think you can't, you're also right."



- Henry Ford

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